Les publications

Les publications

Ouvrages :

  • Mbilinyi, M., & Nyonyi, T. (2000). Livelihoods, Employment and Income Policy.
  • William.F.G (1977) The extended Family as an agent in urbanization : A survey of men working in Dar es salaam Tanzania
  • Robertson.F, etl (1996),2nd version ; Gender, family and society
  • Ulla.V (1987), 2nd version : The womens question and the modes of human reproduction : an analysis of a Tanzania village Chilembo, P. M. (2004). Gender and food security in an irrigation scheme : case study of Chipapa households, Kafue District.

Articles scientifiques :

  • J. Vyrastekova :(2014). Evidence from parental choice experiments in Tanzania : Mothers more altruistic than fathers, but only when bearing responsibility alone
  • Evans, R. M. (2004). Tanzanian childhoods : street children’s narratives of ‘home’. Journal of contemporary African studies, 22(1), 69–9

Études et rapports :

  • Tanzania child rights status reports 2013

Guides et fiches pratiques :

  • Nyanduga, B. T., & Mannin, C. (2006). Guide to Tanzanian Legal System and Legal Research.
  • Magongo, J., & da Corta, L. (2011). Research on Poverty Alleviation.
    (PDF) from www.repoa.or.tz

Articles de presse :

  • Analysis
    Tanzania : Facing the Negative Effects of Single Parenthood
    Dora Tesha 16th, April, 2011
    source : Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)
  • FGM : A serious threat to women’s health
    SOSTHENES MWITA 15 February, 2016
    source : Tanzania Daily News paper
  • Women supporting women is very imperative
    SALMA HAMISI ‚18 February, 2016
    source : Tanzania Daily News paper
  • Every family must have a meal on its table
    EDITOR /28 January, 2016
    source : Tanzania Daily News paper
  • Focus should be on tackling maternal deaths
    EDITOR /17 February,2016
    source : Tanzania Daily News paper